CRAFT INSIGHT: Mental Health Webinar and Writing Workshop with Live Q&A; Part 2 of a Mental Health Series

Mental Health in Our Books, Our Communities, and Ourselves PART 2: Rocky Callen, debut author of A BREATH TOO LATE and NoNieqa Ramos, author of THE DISTURBED GIRL’S DICTIONARY will be in conversation about mental health representation in our books, helping youth with mental health challenges in our schools and our communities, and maintaining our mental health as writers. Participants  will have access to creative exercises to help develop the psyche of their characters.

​​​​​​​Authors Note:  The purpose of this webinar for creative discussion. NoNieqa is not a mental health professional. While Rocky was a behavioral therapist, she will not be functioning in that capacity for our webinar. We are not qualified to give medical advice of any kind. If you need professional help, we encourage you to see a qualified medical professional. 

Content warning of our books: depression, suicide, sex work, sexual assault, mass shooting

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