To celebrate National Poetry Month, I am honored to present seventh grade scholar and poet TAMIA from the Lillie Mae Carroll Jackson school in Baltimore.                                                       

“Behind These Hazel Eyes”

Here I am, once again.

I’m torn into pieces.

Can’t pretend.

Just thought you were the one

broken up.

Deep inside

I can’t deny it–

but you won’t get to see the tears I cry.

Behind These Hazel Eyes…

You might call them fair and beautiful,

But do you know the lies

these hazel eyes have kept?

All I see is pain and sorrow.

Behind these hazel eyes

I hide the truth.

Behind these hazel eyes

I can’t deny–

But I keep a small smile

With my head held high.


When I met TAMIA, she held several notebooks of her works against her heart. I look forward to the beauty she brings to the world in her journey as a writer. Below, her responses will serve as inspiration to her peers and all writers who struggle to make time for their craft.

Our Interview:

TAMIA, what are some of your triumphs?

My triumphs include finishing any story I have written.

What are your struggles?

Some struggles I have are thinking of the plot for a story. I also struggle with not having enough time to write and thinking of what to write.

What are some of your goals?

Some of my goals are to make a mini book of poems or stories to give to my school or to at least have my work shown to the world.

What advice would you give to other scholars your age?

Some advice I’d give to other scholars my age is to always chase after something you want to do in the future and if someone doubts you, prove them wrong. If someone believes in you, make them proud. And don’t ever doubt yourself.

Great advice for us all to follow. Thank you TAMIA for your words of wisdom.